Flowers Hotel Group
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What We Do


What We Do


  1. Sales & Marketing for Boutique Hotels working the up and down West Coast & East Coast Markets and in between (Chicago).

  2. Project Management for Big Brand Hotels and Services. 

  3. Event Organization & Execution for the Travel Trade Markets – We can organize or project manage your next event too!

  4. Corporate Account Management for contracted companies.

  5. Offer Strategic Partnerships thru client relationships & business opportunities.

  6. Explore the Travel Trade Industry to expand brands for independent hotels, car companies, and services through many alliances and a vast network.

  7. Bring Accounts that will book, stay, and return to your business. Buy and develop long term loyalty. 

  8. Consortia & GDS optimization services along with Booking Direct to maximize revenue for your property.

  9. Invite Companies to write articles for our famous Travellin’ Times!

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Flowers Hotel Group specializes in Direct Sales & Marketing services including; Sales calls in the US markets, national and local trade show participation, Sales Blitzes, Sales Receptions, and Sales Trips. These direct efforts are coupled with cooperative sales and marketing campaigns organized with budgets by Flowers Hotel Group.
FHG will also organize familiarization trips for Site Inspections, the RFP (request for proposal) process with corporate accounts, reporting and transparent procedures.on a need to know basis. 

Our target clientele is: Specific Fortune 500 Companies, Media Entertainment Companies, High-End Leisure and Corporate Travel Management Companies, plus over 100 Travel agencies with Affiliations of Virtuoso, Signature Travel Network, American Express Platinum, Ensemble,, and several more markets alike based on market trends, needs, and demand of the client. Active members of Los Angeles Business Travel Association (active member since 1996), Global Business Travel Association (active since 1998), Active Guest of PROST LA and Orange County.
Event production, creation, and management for the industry.
Flowers Hotel Group is a Sales Office for a collection of Hotels, Services, Tour Groups, both domestic and international. Founded in 2007 by Jody Flowers, who serves as company founder and account manager, the company has experienced tremendous growth and success. Jody presently resides on the board for the Los Angeles Business Travel Association and loves it!


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